Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Should Try PayU2Blog

I really appreciate PayU2Blog so much. This past weekend they sent me tons of jobs again, about 15 opportunities all in all. I currently have three blogs approved by PayU2Blog and have submitted the fourth for their approval. I like their method of providing job opportunities because I won't have to wait for bids or wait online for available opportunities. They just send the jobs to my account and they do it at least twice a week per blog.

Compared to other paid to blog services, PayU2Blog only accepts blogs with their own domains. That is one reason why I have started investing on my own domains so I can get more opportunities from them. I hope to maximize my account by getting 5 blogs approved by them. I hope that the fourth blog I submitted will get approved soon.



Anonymous said...

Payu2Blog... ayaw nila kong iapprove

Anonymous said...

Medyo mahirap nga ma-approve sa Payu2blog, but don't worry kasi they are not PR dependent. Basta yata marami kang non-paid posts okay yun sa kanila.

Anonymous said...

pastor jeff, pano ba mag submit ng 2nd blog. i am with them na, kaso when i tried to send a support ticket about my new blog, walang reply. san ba ako dapat mag email?

Anonymous said...


What I did is I just sent my 2nd blog application thru e-mail. I used the e-mail address they used to send me my account details for the 1st blog approved. Actually I used the message and replied to it. I am now awaiting approval on my 4th blog. I hope you get approved, too.