Monday, December 29, 2008

Frustrated Over My Absentmindedness

I feel so frustrated about myself today.  As I woke up to meet the metal worker who will be working on our gate, agreed on a price for all his labor and the materials needed, and as I was about to get the money so he could buy the materials, I couldn't find my wallet.  And as I try to retrace my steps I couldn't think of an instance when I could have left it somewhere.  :( That is really frustrating.  Aside from feeling sorry for the money inside, what I feel bad about is this pattern of not having a presence of mind with trivial but very important stuff.

I just am thankful that my wife, even in her sudden burst of frustration over my absentmindedness, was able to keep herself from being too hard on me.  And it makes me feel worse about myself knowing that I let her down again.

I just hope that my wallet would turn up sudenly or if someone found it somewhere that they would contact me and be honest enought to return it to me - or that I would suddenly be flooded with a recollection of what happened to it.