Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Great December Weekend

This weekend started out early with me and my wife travelling to Marikina Sports Park to meet my other teammates from our football club.  We were scheduled for a match against San Jose Del Monte at 10:00 am that day.  We proceeded then to the match venue which was at Xavier School in Greeenhills.

The game against the other football club was great except that we lost 2-0, with both goals made during the first half.  I played the whole 90 minutes, to my surprise, because I didn't expect that I would be fielded in that long during my second match of the season.

After, the game, my wife and I took our lunch at the Magnolia house along Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, which is just a block away from Gilmore which was our next destination.

After having lunch, we looled for a parking space around Gilmore area to finally purchase a laptop for me.  

Initially, my plans were to purchase a netbook and I even wrote posts about the three that I was choosing from (Lenovo S10, MSI Wind and Asus Eee PC 1000H) but since the Black Friday sale, I started considering the powerful notebooks because of the price difference.

I ended up choosing from three notebooks that are not of the high end brand but with great specifications.  I'll be posting about the new laptop we bought later.

Sunday was a great day as well, more specifically because one of the youth we have been praying for finally came to church again after a few weeks of being away.

Overall, this was a very great weekend for me and I am glad to be able to share this with you guys.