Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Printed Rayban Wayfarers

For so long a time I chose not to wear sunglasses. Even though I have been reading about how dangerous sun rays are for the eyes I really did not want to wear shades because I usually get a headache when I do. 

My Wayfarers (with UK prints)

Now I've had my eyes checked and I still have 20/20 vision so I'm sure it's not because of my eyesight that I get dizzy. The sunglasses' lenses cause the headache. But since I got me a pair of printed Wayfarer Rayban sunglasses, those that you can get from regular optical shops, malls and from for titanium lenses, I have changed and really started to wear sunglasses when it's sunny. 

Jennie and I exchanging Raybans (Wayfarers vs Aviators)

Aside from the fact that those pair of sunglasses look good (actually I still prefer Aviators), they do not cause me headaches that's why I was motivated to really wear them especially when I'm driving. But when I feel sleepy when driving, usually after lunch, even though the sun is up, I take them off to keep me awake.