Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Look at Group D in the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil

Two special teams stand out for me in Group D of the FIFA World Cup. Italy and England. With the higher level of football program and active football leagues from these two countries, it will not be a surprise if these two teams make it on top of their group and through to the next stage.

However, I don't necessarily predict a finals appearance for both teams so I don't think that there will be musical instruments playing italia at musicians friend or hooligans cheering their national teams during the finals of the World Cup 2014 Brasil.  I just wanted to single them out and say that in this group, it is pretty much clear who will get through the group stage (no offense to Uruguay and Costa Rica) based on World Cup history statistics. But, as they say, the ball is round, so there's no telling what might happen.