Friday, October 21, 2011

City Kart Racing is Where You Can Go Kart Racing In Metro Manila

City Kart Racing is the place where you can go kart racing in Metro Manila, Philippines, particularly in the City of Makati. It is right in the heart of the Makati business district - on Level 7 of Park Square 1. Yes, it may not seem to be a place where you can find a race track because you would think that all the cars in that building will be parked. Well, they are, but there is a floor dedicated solely for burning rubber and for giving you that adrenaline rush when you race.

On kart number 45, my first kart

Blogger Blaze 2011

Those who went kart racing in Metro Manila used to do so in City Kart Racing's previous location which was along SLEX but they have already transferred. Actually, last Saturday, I was able to try out their Fun Karts which you can rent for 12 minutes on their track (about 10-11 laps if you can do about a minute per lap) for only PHP 560. They also have a Pro Kart available for PHP 700 per heat. I tried it out with other bloggers who were invited to the City Kart Racing Blogger Blaze 2011. We were all given a free balaclava, usually costs PHP 150, to use under our helmets. Racers can also opt to wear overalls to really get a feel of a real racing experience.

Wearing a balaclava (also available in orange, green and pink)

All of us bloggers, around thirty in number, were grouped into 3 groups of 10 and tried out one heat on the fun kart. In each heat, there were about 10 racers in the track trying to accomplish their best time.

It was fun and exciting indeed especially when I found out after our turn ended that I had the best time in our heat.

Heat 19 results

About to make a U-turn

The most awesome thing about City Kart Racing is that they have integrated the race on the track to their City Kart Racing Facebook app. The cool thing about this is that every time you finish a heat, two things happen. First, your best time for that heat is automatically posted on your FB wall. So when you use their facilities for the first time, you will be asked to register with your Facebook account details. Second, you will automatically receive an email of your race stats which include details as your best time, your time for each lap, your average time for all the laps in that heat and a history of your best times compared to other people who raced that day, the past week or even the past month. Their FB app actually has the capability to show you your race stats compared to other people's stats as well, FB friends or not.

Screen capture of my latest racing stats, Heat 47

Moving on, after getting our individual best times, we were then grouped into 10 groups of three for some team racing. Each team was composed of individuals with fast, average and not so fast times based on the first three heats in the Blogger Blaze 2011. In this team event, each group was given an hour in the track where each member spent 10 minutes and then replaced by another team member and so on until the 60 minutes of race time is over. The team who made the most number of laps won. Our team, Sharpshooters, won third place and had 46.715 seconds as our best time. Team Extraodinary placed second and were the champions.

Third place

I brought home the throphy

City Kart Racing's Location and Operating Hours

City Kart Racing Makati
7th Level car park, Park Square 1,
Ayala Center, Makati City

They are open everyday except for Christmas and Good Friday:

Monday to Thursday: 3pm to 10pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am to 12mn
Sunday and Holidays: 10am to 10pm

For more information visit or please call +(632) 856-9155 or +(63917) 585-9155

(Credits to Mauie Flores for the other photos)

If you are in search of where to get a real racing experience,then City Kart Racing is definitely it.