Saturday, October 1, 2011

Praying for Our Countrymen's Safety

Yesterday, while I was at Great Wall Cars North Edsa waiting for some papers to endorse the repairs of our Peri, I saw on the news the flooding in Calumpit, Bulacan. I posted status updates about how sad the condition of our fellow Filipinos in Calumpit and learned that Hagonoy was also hit by floods. People were stranded on their roofs as some were being evacuated using rubber boats, something like clawfoot tubs make shift boats. With typhoon Quiel approaching, I just pray for the safety of Filipinos.

Flooding in Bulacan

Evacuation of Calumpit flood victims



Blobber-Boy said...

it's so sad that up to know there's still flood in that area.

by the way sir jeff, I added your blog in my blog list so that i could visit your blog regularly, hope that you could visit mine also and consider adding my blog in your link lists :D thanks and God Bless

Jeff Aspacio said...

I just added your blog in my link list page, Blobber-Boy. Please add mine in your list, too. Thanks for visiting. :)