Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Panoramic Photos Using Automatic Panorama for Nokia N8 or Microsoft ICE

I am really enjoying taking 180-degree panoramic pictures using my Nokia N8 and its application Automatic Panorama. With my phone I just need to click once and point my camera smartphone to the desired target and the I won’t have to press again for the succeeding shots until I’ve taken the panoramic shot and want the application to build the panoramic photo.

I have researched before about taking panoramic shots and am thankful for my friend Azrael who introduced me to Microsoft ICE which is a software that stitches photos to create a panoramic effect. The difference with the Automatic Panorama application in my Nokia N8 is, with Microsoft ICE I would need to take multiple photos (multiple clicks), upload the picture to my computer and let the software do the stitching. It does not matter much if the shots taken had exact boundaries because the software is intelligent enough to detect and stitch them together. I did not have to research much about panoramic photography and cut time on working on articles about cheap insurance companies. Below is a photo using a Nikon D40 and the power of Microsoft ICE.

With the Automatic Panorama application (available in Nokia Ovi Store for free), I won’t have to click multiple shots but I would have to align my aim to the box that is indicated in the screen when I take the parts of the whole panoramic photo. Sometimes it is difficult to aim the camera where it should take the photo. An advantage is that I don’t need a laptop or a computer to process the photos but the application will do it for me in my Nokia N8 and if there is internet connection available, share it with my friends in FB and Twitter via Ovi Social. Below is the photo I took using the Automatic Panorama application in my Nokia N8.