Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Take on Philippines 0-1 Indonesia First Leg Semi-finals Match

In tonight's first leg of the semi-finals match between Philippines and Indonesia, the latter scored one goal and will enter Sunday's second leg of their semi-finals with a one goal lead. The Philippines needs to lead by two goals on Sunday or lead by one goal to cause a draw and outscore the Indonesians in the penalty kicks. Indonesia held possession of the ball most of the time and I would admit that they played better football than our countrymen in this match.

Nevertheless, the Philippine Football Team still did a great job considering they conceded only one goal against the top scoring team in the group stage - Indonesia scored 5 goals against Malaysia, six agains Laos and two against Thailand. Plus, the Azkals held the Vietnamese, who scored seven goals against Myanmar, goalless in their encounter in the group stage. So, right now, the RP booters' strength is their defense.

With these in mind, I am not writing them off. If they scored 2-0 agains Vietnam then that just shows that they've got scoring capability and they made the goals on counter-attacks. If they remain solid in their defense and aggressive in the counter-attack, they may be able to make it past Indonesia, into the finals. Remember, the Philippine Footbal Team needs to lead by two goals - they've done that against Vietnam, the defending champion. Let's just keep on cheering and hoping for the best - Go Azkals!



lemuel said...

yes, i agree, the team has a great chance. they displayed good defense and superb patience. i think they should focus more on offense and better conditioning. i noticed that they were very aggressive during the first half but they were obviously tired on the second half.