Saturday, November 20, 2010

Real Warriors Freestyle Martial Arts To Join Its First Tournament

Our freestyle martial arts organization, Real Warriors Freestyle Martial Arts, headed by Pastor Orlando Villaseñor (third degree blackbelt) and myself, will be sending participants to a tournament of Kyokushin Karate on the 27th of November in San Juan for the first time. There will be two participants from Makati and three from Santolan, Pasig of the SBC ministries.

Kyokushin kaikan (極真会館?) is a style of stand-up, full contact karate, founded in 1964 by Korean-Japanese karate master, Masutatsu Oyama. Since our organization is fairly new and we are sending participants who are mostly white belts or beginners and a few green belts, we are really pushing them hard in their training. We did not use fat burners for men to help our students reduce weight but relied on training (karate, kick boxing, aikido, judo) and exercise.

Initially, for this first tournament, we hope for our students to gain exposure in tournaments and that they will be challenged as see how the trainings we are holding fair with the other martial arts organizations.