Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adsense Account Disabled

It has been almost a month since something really big happened with my blogging – I got my Adsense account disabled by Google. The reason they gave is click-fraud and I have tried to think of reasons how that could have happened and explained it to Google but I have not received any reply.

But I am moving on. I am now thinking of new personal online campaigns that are not Adsense dependent. Blogging business is still growing and I am treating this as a phase and I just need to be reminded that nothing is secure and permanent especially when it comes to online campaigns.

The growth of my blogs is just like a person going through some thyroid problems and I just need to consult a Thyroid doctor austin or something. I am not letting this thing get in the way of our online campaigns.



lemuel said...

Click fraud? That is the only explanation they gave you? How many clicks do you get on the average per day or per week? Do you get adsense payout every month?