Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Regrets with the Great Wall Peri

Our Great Wall Peri car will be due for its scheduled maintenance at 10,000 km. I am really glad that we bought this 1.3-liter car, which has almost the same maximum power with the Toyota Vios, except that the Peri is lighter in weight.

Video of international stunt drivers taking the Great Wall Peri for a spin (no modifications were made to the GW Peri)

The GW Peri is truly very easy to handle and maneuver. My wife and I have no regrets that we chose to buy a brand new China-branded vehicle that came with 3 years LTO registration and the standard car insurance with comprehensive coverage and not just some cheap auto insurance, especially now that Great Wall Motors Philippines has established a factory somewhere South of Metro Manila.

We haven't had any problems with the Great Wall brand and the service they provide is really great! The Great Wall Peri is already EURO 4 compliant, by the way, so it is very environment-friendly.



Anonymous said...

how is the fuel consumption? how many kilometers per liter?

Jeff Aspacio said...

The way I drive, it averages 9-10 km per liter