Monday, October 18, 2010

Mango Tree Bistro Now Open in Trinoma, Quezon City

Mango Tree Bistro is one of the newest restaurants to open in Manila. They feature high quality Thai cuisine in an atmosphere that is simple and lively but with modern interiors and decorations with service that continually "exceeds customers' expectations".

Mango Tree Bistro opening

Mango Tree has recently made debuts in Dubai, Macao, Tokyo, London, Kuching and Busan. Manila's Mango Tree Bistro is their newest location internationally. The first Mango Tree Restaurant opened in 1994 in the heart of Bangkok in a beautiful Thai house built during the reign King Rama VI almost 100 years ago. The name Mango Tree was used because of the mango tree planted in the courtyard area.

Mango Tree Bistro's menu includes authentic Thai salads, over four pages of delicious Thai entrees and flavorful curries, famous grilled items from Thailand with unique taste from marinate and dipping sauce, and vegetarian dishes.

Below are some of favorites from Mango Tree Bistro:

Lemon Grass Soup

Pomelo Salad

Phad Thai Goong

Mango Tree Bistro is located at the Third Level of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.



Anonymous said...

Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

JoTan said...

i love the food here! so good!