Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Warning to MRT (Metro Rail Transit) Passenegers

This afternoon, I got my pocket picked and the casualty was my Cherry Mobile D10, a dual sim phone which had my 3 sim cards (Sun, Smart which I just kept in the phone but not inserted and a PLDT mobile sim). I took the MRT from Ayala station to Taft and did not mind the side pockets of my pants where I usually place my phone. I am used to taking the MRT but since it has been quite a while since I rode it, I guess I just wasn't as vigilant and alert as before.

My guess is that my phone might have been taken while I and the crowd of passengers were pushing ourselves to get inside the train. Or, it might also have been during the travel because the train was so packed with people.

It was really my intention to give away a phone through Gadgets and Tech's 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest (another blog that I own), not like the way it happened in the MRT. I feel angry at the person who took my phone but am more angry at myself because I should have known better. I have heard different stories of pick pocketing experiences in the MRT and have even heard of a pick-pocketer got beaten up (also in the Ayala station) for being caught.

I just hope this would serve as a reminder, more than a warning, for all of you or for all of your friends who take the MRT regularly. Be MORE alert and vigilant!



MrsMartinez | said...

That is so sad to hear. Too many bad people with no jobs that resulted in robbing other people. I hope this government can change that.

Roh said...

nakakinis tlga ang mga ganyang tao! kainis!!!!

Karen said...

Yah, jampacked lagi sa MRT so passengers should be cautious marami mapagsamantala.