Friday, July 9, 2010

Oracle Paul "Psychic" the Octopus Video

The Oracle Paul "Psychic" the Octopus Video predicts Spain to win against Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup. I do not actually believe this but it's just too funny to not blog about. Watching the video in Youtube and reading the comments make it look more ridiculous especially because many people believe it.

If you would look at the Oracle Paul "Psychic" the Octopus video, you would see that the animal, yes that’s what an Octopus is, just picked the box nearest to it. So there was really nothing supernatural or oracle-like in that. I am cheering for Netherlands, but if Spain wins, many people would actually believe this octopus which has become tradition in the major football matches.

Anti-Dutch fans may mock Sneijder and Robben about needing hair growth shampoo but they might just eat their words because those two heads may be the ones who would give Oranje the 2 goals that can bury the Spaniards.