Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm In a "Thumbs Up" Condition

My blog title may sound positive but it is to be taken literally because one of my thumbs is forced to point up because I was told by the doctor last Saturday to wear a thumb-wrist support. The joints in my trapezium and scaphoid hurt with the slightest movements.

Actually, that isn't the only part that hurts. Last Thursday night my shoulder was hurting so bad when I got home. I must have sprained my AC joint and that is the reason why I decided to see the doctor last Saturday. The doctor prescribed a week's worth of Celecoxib, told me to avoid overhead movements that make use of my right arm and also suggested to apply warm compress on the two parts joints that hurt. I guess my log furniture project can wait a few weeks more. But life and work must go on so tomorrow I'll be off to the church office and in our church in Makati.