Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nippon Paint #AYDAPH2019: A Sustainable Future

Nippon Paint recently launched this year's competition for Asia Young Designer Award.

AYDA 2019 is paving the way for young architects and interior designers to show their skills and represent their respective countries to a wide range of audiences.

This year's theme for AYDA is FORWARD: A Sustainable Future. It cannot be more apt as AYDA was founded with the precise intention to tap and groom young talents, boost their morale and cultivate their skills, and to further them in their chosen field

So far, there are more than 15 geographical locations that are engaged with over 600 education institutions, that have inspired scores of students all over Asia.

The Challenge for the AYDAPH 2019:

1. Form vs. Function
2. Urbanization vs. Sustainability
3. Natural World vs. Built Environment
4. Digital Connectivity vs. Interpersonal Bonds
5. Local Relevance vs. Globally Applicability
6. Needs of the Community vs. Individual Needs

Design Pointers: A Sustainable Future is the theme of AYDAPH2019. But what do we mean by "FORWARD"? 

The design is expected to do the following:

1. Bring positive impact on environmental issues
2. Infuse new values into the social and cultural context
3. Enhance better community living and lifestyle
4. Encourage progressive growth and development in a city


A lot has changed since Asia Young Designer Awards was first launched 11 years ago. There are a handful improvements over the years but there were also significant challenges that came with it. But  the young people's potential are undeniable still, which brings Nippon Paint to champion this cause and support this program to empower the region's creative minds. 

AYDAPH2019 aims to reflect the need to provide practical design solutions that will apply to the world we operate in now. Participants and winners alike of previous AYDA events are already active in the design and architecture industries and have started making their marks. We are all looking forward how this year's participants will bring their vision of sustainable future real through their creative designs. 

Nippon Paint AYDAPH2019 is made possible with the support of  partner organizations, namely: AIDEA, Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Council of Interior Design Educators (CIDE), Council of Deans and Heads of Architecture Schools in the Philippines (CODHASP), Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID), Santa Fe Interior Architecture Sdn Bhd, and United Architects of the Philippines (UAP).