Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ExcellerateHR.PH: Elevating Filipino Management on the 56th PMAP Annual Conference

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) recently conducted a Press Conference on the Security Tenure and End of Endo Act of 2018.

PMAP Board of Trustee Efren B. Alberto, Jr. spoke on controversial issues of this Bill with Vice-President Loi Echevarria, Sec. Leo Gellor, PMAP Legal Counsel Atty. Rey Destura, Committee Chair Ellen Fullido, and Moderator Past President Jesse Rebustillo.

The recent press conference was an important pre-event to the upcoming 56th PMAP Annual Conference, aptly tagged as ExcellerateHR.PH, in their focus to elevate and accelerate Filipino People Management.  There will be over 1,500 people managers who will gather together at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino for the 56th PMAP Annual Conference, the biggest human resource event in the country is happening this July 17 to 19, 2019.

The presscon itself was an eye-opener for those of us who attended. Whoever wants to be an employee on a perpetual rounds of being "contractual"?  While there sure are a lot of benefits, mostly focused on the betterment of the quality of life of the common working Filipino, the other end of the spectrum who are negatively affected by this are the SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). Businesses are obliged to have a paid up capital of P5,000,000, per Article 107, and if proven to guilty of being a "labor-only" contractor, will be fined P5,000,000. It is easy to see that the clause within the Security Tenure Bill is not very SME-friendly. Making it harder for rising or small businesses to operate. This is one of the things to consider looking into.

This, and a handful other controversial points are going to be discussed at the ExcellerateHR.PH: Elevating Filipino Management on the 56th PMAP Annual Conference.

The Following will be ExcellerateHR.PH's Plenary Topics:

1. Keeping the Human in HR in the Age of AI - Strategies, Programs, Best Practices in Valuing People

2. Navigating the Disruptive Landscape of Philippine Human Resources: Challenges and Mandates

3. Human Resources Metrics that Matter and Making Metrics Matter

4. Perspectives on Pinoy Management and Leadership

5. Bridging Global and Local Paradigm on KAPWA

6. The Future of the Philippine Workplace and Filipino Leadership According to the Millenials

With organizations facing the challenges of disruption and the 4th industrial revolution, it becomes crucial for people managers to EXCELLERATE. For its 56th annual conference, PMAP pushes innovation one step further by invoking poetic license and creating a new word that captures the twin challenges facing the organization and people management in the country today – driving and inspiring EXCELLENCE in the practice of people management and increasing the degree of ACCELERATION of people programs to become up-to-speed with technology and innovation.

The  the 56th PMAP Annual Conference hopes to be a veritable marketplace of ideas, emergent theories, endless solutions best practices, advocacies and state-of-the-art HR technology with an unparalleled roster of speakers with global, regional and national stature. It will be a proactive balance of session topics and learning fora, offering a variety of sessions that target various levels. This conference will feature a dynamic learning design that allows attendees to customize their participation based on their individual agenda. It will be a great showcase of best practices, award-winning programs and cutting-edge resources and technologies, with extraordinary potentials for networking and mentoring.

For more information regarding the 56th PMAP Annual Conference, you may contact the PMAP Secretariat through telephone number 726-1532 or email or