Monday, October 12, 2015

Ergo Introduces Snowsound Acoustic Technology by Caimi Brevetti

For the past 30 years, Ergo Office and Ergo Home have been providing “high performance architectural and interior solutions” in the Philippines and in the South East Asian region.

Ergo recently acquired exclusive partnership with Caimi Brevetti, a leading global manufacturer of design oriented furniture and accessories for office and contract furniture market. Philip Ng, CEO and President of Ergo shared, “the company is cognizant for breakthrough innovations in terms of "space-efficient furniture"- versatile, unique designs, convenient, environment-friendly furniture. And we continuously innovate and inspire.”

Ng reiterates, “Aligned with our ergonomics principle, having a peaceful, quiet, and relaxing environ is important. We have all experienced acoustic reverberation or echo in enclosed spaces, and it’s very annoying. How can you maximize your productivity and enjoy it at the same time if you are working in a noise-polluted environment? That will be very stressful.”

The idea behind SNOWSOUND Acoustic Panels is that of a comfortable environment while creating beauty in a given space.The innovative patented technology Snowsound by Caimi Brevetti is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities, which functions to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies to optimize the acoustics yet keeping a low thickness. Each density allows absorbing the sound in a different and balanced way, thus increasing its definition.

“Our primary market is commercial- offices and other large enclosed spaces. It could be a conference room, concert hall, a classroom, museum, call center, movie house, hotel, retail shops, or an office building. Actually, any place where there are sound or noise issues to solve or optimize.”

Snowsound claims that while there are low-end counterparts in the market, nothing can quite match its high-end sound absorbing performance, aesthetics, design and ease of use that Snowsound Acoustic Panels provide. 

Here are some of the reasons why:
  • Snowsound panels’ patented composition of 100% recyclable, 
  • variable density polyester significantly optimizes room acoustics by absorbing midrange and low-range frequencies while still reflecting some of the high-range frequencies. 
  • Surfaces of Snowsound Acoustic Panels are covered with durable, high-quality, bonded polyester, forming a single body without breaks. These panels are thin (1.5 inches), light weight (less than 6 lb.), decorative and fire resistant.

For a personal demonstration on the Snowsound Technology difference, visit ErgoHome, L3 SM Aura Premier.