Friday, October 2, 2015

4 Affordable Kinds of Flooring for Your Next Project

One of the most common renovations that homeowners have done to their homes is replacing the flooring. Mostly, this is because of the foot-traffic of those living in the house. Regardless of why you need a new floor, there are many options that are cost-efficient which may revitalize any given room. In many cases, a professional contractor can have one of these new floors built within hours. 

A popular type of low-cost flooring is that of laminate. Instead of real hardwood floors being installed, laminate can give a proper illusion of the same elegance. Many brands even go through the trouble to create a textured surface of laminate to emulate wood grain and realistic imperfections. However, cleaning the floor after installation is much different in most cases. A lot of laminate materials require dry mopping to prevent damage. Submersing these planks can lead to the wood becoming warped.

Not all carpet and padding installations need to be expensive. As long as you're willing to settle for a shorter fiber and available colors, this flooring can be inexpensive to have installed. However, longer distances may require fusing lengths of carpet together. Odd angles within a room or hallway can also be troublesome when making sure the material stays taught. Loose carpet can easily be torn or separate from the walls if its not installed correctly.

Cork Planks
For those that are conscious about eco-friendliness, cork planks may be a good flooring for you. Cork is usually inexpensive while being made of recycled materials. It's a soft flooring that is durable and can sustain a great deal of punishment. Many homeowners find cork to be an attractive alternative to more expensive installations.

Tile Many people view peel-and-stick tile as a cheap alternative to a good floor. In reality, many of these brands come with 10-year guarantees and can sustain a great deal of wear-and-tear. This type of flooring works best if you have a contractor lay a flat and level baseboard before installation. This gives the tile more surface in which to stick. Installing a new floor doesn't have to take a lot of time or money. Many contractors can get started today to improve your home. Before you choose which cost-efficient method is right for, it may be better to speak with a contractor first. He or she might have ideas that are better which may fit your design motif with better precision.