Monday, November 24, 2014

Lotus Biscoff is now available in local stores

Lotus Biscoff, which is known to jetsetters as the "in-flight treat" has arrived in Manila through Flying Ace Corporation. The cookie butter craze has dominated the market in this last couple of years and the only way consumers can buy it is through online sellers who also order from overseas. 

The newly acquired exclusively distributed brand by Flying Ace is going to make a lot of households happy now that Lotus Biscoff can be found in supermarkets nationwide. 

From top to bottom: Roquefort Salad with Biscoff, Crostini Biscoff Salpicao, Pumpkin Shooter with Biscoff and Fish Finger with Biscoff Crumbs 

When we attended the Grand Lotus Biscoff launch in Makati last week, it didn't occur to me the endless possibilities of Lotus Biscoff, whether it's the spread or the cookies themselves. Renowned French Chef Patrice of Society Lounge did a great job in coming up with such delicious array of Biscoff-infused (spread and biscuits) dishes. They all tasted so good, on a very first class level. We helped ourselves with more than a single helping. 

The concept of Biscoff (Biscuit + Coffee) isn't really the norm for us in the local scene. Yes, we have biscotti in coffee shops but there's really not so much to hype about. For some very gastronomic and palatable reason, the caramelized Biscoff goes well in perfect harmony with the taste of coffee. My wife and I agree that it's the ultimate coffee experience. We haven't enjoyed coffee as much as we do now. 

Biscoff Cinammon Rolls

Biscoff cookies have been Europe’s coffee break favorite since 1932.  It is baked in the small Belgium town of Lembeke, in the same location where its founders, the Boone brothers, opened their first bakery. Once the cookies were packed, the brothers would drive around town in their trademark red truck to deliver these prized treats. Eight decades later and the recipe still remains. It was in the 1950s when Lotus introduced pairing these cookies with coffee, which then became a routine in Belgian hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. Soon, Lotus Biscoff became “Europe’s Favorite Cookie with Coffee.” 

Lotus Biscoff is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation

Lotus Biscoff products available in supermarkets, restaurants and specialty stores: 
1. Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelized Biscuit in 125g, 250g, 1.875kg, 156g, 124g, 500g 
2. Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelized Biscuit Twinpack Innerbox 20x25g
3. Lotus Biscoff Spread Smooth 400g 
4. Lotus Biscoff SpreadCrunchy 380g 

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