Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beeffalo: Ribs and Steaks in Marikina City

If you are looking for a place in Marikina City or Rizal area where you can find tender and juicy Baby Back ribs or steaks that are grilled perfectly, then Beeffalo by Hot Rocks is the place to go. Years ago, my family frequented a place in Bagumbayan/Libis, Quezon City area called Hot Rocks, located inside the Club Six-Fifty parking compound. It was a discovery that changed our lunch habit every Sunday because it made us crave for their medium-rare Porterhouse steak. 

Beeffalo, all geared up for Halloween

Beeffalo's Baby Back Ribs is available with Java rice in Single (PHP 270) or Full order (PHP 740)

Beeffalo's Porterhouse steak, also available in two orders: 250 grams (PHP 385) and 450 grams (PHP 650)

You can use this guide below as to how you want your grilled steak:

Rare: A rare piece of meat will have a bright red center, and its outside will be brownish-gray. The center will be warm, but not hot. 
Medium-rare: The center of a medium-rare piece of meat will be slightly warmer and reddish-pink instead of red. 
Medium: A medium piece of meat will have a large band of pink through the middle, but will be primarily grayish-brown throughout. 
Medium-well: A medium-well piece of meat will just have a slight hint of pink in the middle. Otherwise, it will be primarily cooked through and will feel quite firm. 
Well-done: A well-done steak should show no hint of pink whatsoever. Its center will be grayish-brown throughout and the outside will be nicely charred.

I personally recommend medium-rare.

We didn't know then that their first branch was in the Autocamp compund along Ortigas Center, Pasig City in front of Meralco, which we didn't get to visit. Both locations have been closed since December 2012 after their contracts for the use of the locations expired. In October 2013, the same makers of Hot Rocks opened Beeffalo, along Gil Fernando Avenue in Marikina. 

Beeffalo has enough parking space for 10-12 vehicles

There is a story behind our re-discovery of this family restaurant which we come back to not just for their steaks but for their Pizza Margherita and Barbecue platter as well. My wife saw a post from a friend in social media which looked familiar - a photo of the porterhouse steak. And the post description said Beeffalo by Hot Rocks. We didn't think twice and searched for their address. All we found out was that it's on Gil Fernando Avenue which I was very familiar with. So, I thought.

It took as about two passes along the street from Gil Fernando Avenue's intersection with Sumulong Highway to its intersection with Marcos Highway, only to find out that Beeffalo was beyond that stretch. 

So to guide those driving to Beeffalo in Marikina, here are directions assuming you are coming from Quezon City.

Driving directions: 

1) From Aurora Boulevard corner Katipunan Avenue, take Marcos Highway (you can also take A. Bonifactio St. but traffic is better along Marcos Highway) towards Robinson's Metro East.
2) Make a U-turn after the intersection at Sta. Lucia East Mall
3) Turn right at Gil Fernando Avenue
4) Drive to the end of the street (past Marquinton, Marikina Engineering and Dog Pound) and you will see it on your left

By public transportation:

1) From Aurora Boulevard, take Montalban jeep and alight at Blue Wave Mall (Sumulong Highway corner Gil Fernando Avenue)
2) Ride a tricycle to Beeffalo

Pizza Margherita with fresh tomato and basil

Their Barbecue platter is a combination of pork "isaw", "tenga", and "bulaklak", 3 sticks each

Cucumber lemonade

I best enjoy Beeffalo steaks or ribs with their juice drinks - house iced tea, lemonade (my favorite), cucumber lemonade, dalandan juice available in regular (PHP 60) and large (PHP 95).

Beeffalo's complete address:
Blk 6 Lot 3 Gil Fernando Avenue, Sto. Niño, Marikina City
Beeffalo's Facebook Page