Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book Review: "No Cape Required" by Kirsten Parrish

This 52-day devotional which is appropriate for children, teens and fun adults, “No Cape Required: 52 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Hero”, is well loved by my eight-year-old son. Each daily devotional cites a hero from a popular movie as an example for the character trait and the Bible passage to be read. 

For a devotional, I found this book very engaging as attested by my son’s interest to it. The author, Kristen Parrish, did a good job of holding attention by hooking the reader using something familiar, the movie and the character, and leading him or her to something unfamiliar to be discovered, the character trait and the Bible verse for that day. In addition, the way the character traits are taught is so positive that it challenges and brings out the hero in its reader.

As mentioned, I would not only recommend Kristen Parrish’s “No Cape Required” for children and teens but for adults and for fathers who are looking for something to use for family devotions. It can also be a good small group curriculum if one wants to focus on character traits of Biblical heroes.