Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Drum Basics for My Son

I am so proud of my son for so many reasons. He is gifted with keen ears for music and rhythm. Ever since I have tried playing the guitar to accompany him, he has always sang along in the right pitch. For not being tone deaf, I am already amazed. In fact, we, together with my wife, have done a recording of the song "In Me" by Casting Crowns and he didn't have a problem with singing his parts

All these have encouraged me to expose him to music more and more. We have had him go through piano and voice lessons. I have also bought him a junior guitar so I can get a chance to get him interested with it. Sometimes, we even play rhythmic drum patterns with him while at the dinner table or while doing household chores. One of my hopes is to be able to invest in a drum set with hammerax cymbals or even with ordinary cymbal sets available locally so I can start to teach him basics of drums playing. I think his interest with rhythm has been awakened and I would want to take advantage of that while it's there.