Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Jollitown Kids Show Season 6 Airs this coming July 20, 2013

The Jollitown Kids Show makes a comeback for its Season 6 as it airs its first of 13 episodes on Saturday, starting July 20, 2013 on GMA. We are one thrilled family even as our little guy gets to join the fun in one of the episodes. This is what makes this Jollitown season more fun as kid audiences themselves get to experience how its like to be in Jollitown. :-)

The Jollitown Kids Show has so far won the following awards:

  • 2008 Araw Values Awards: Special Citation for Pioneering Values Formation and Advocacy
  • 2009 Araw Awards: Bronze Araw Award for Integrated Media Campaign and Sivel Araw Award for Digital (Jollitwon Website)
  • 2009-2010 Tambuli Awards: Bronze Award for Best Integrated and Innovative Camppaign
  • 2011 Advertising and Markenting Effectiveness Awards: International Grad Jury Bronze Medallion in Integrated (Mixed Media) Marketing
  • 2011 Araw Awards: Silver Araw Media Award for Best  Use of Branded Content - Excellence (Idea)
  • 2012 Araw Values Awards: Bronze Award for Jollitown Crystal Quest Game
Aside from the aforementioned awards, Jollitown Season 5 also generated an average rating of 4.51 among kids between 2 to 6 years old and an average rating of 3.29 among moms. Along with its impressive numbers, Jollitown remains the top of mind choice of moms when it comes to shows for kids. 

Now if there is anything about our family, we rarely turn on the boob tube. If we at all do, that would be no longer than 30 minutes a week or a couple of hours if it involves the game consoles for some family time. But for this Jollitown Kid Show, we surely will have the telly on for. The show only lasts 35 minutes, which we believe is just enough time for the kids' tv attention span to be tickled. We also are digging the Jollitown highlights that include  storytelling, educational segments, fun-filled games, colorful animation and new song and dance steps

Our son got to enjoy the taping held last June 29, here's hoping he does not get edited out of the scenes. Mark your calendars, The Jollitown Kids Show Season 6 Airs this coming July 20, 2013! :D