Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mekong Delta River Tour | A Comparison of TNK Tours and Sinh Tours

During my last visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I had another opportunity to try the Mekong Delta River Boat Trip. It was a slightly different tour from what my family went to when we visited Vietnam in march of 2012 for a couple of reasons - it was from a different tour company, so it was cheaper (like half the price) and the destinations/offering were a bit different, too.

Both trips went to the bee farm, fruit village, coconut village, had free lunch that came with it, showcased a performance of traditional Vietnamese music played using instruments like native instruments maschine at musicians friend and the mini-boat ride. The previous trip included a stop at a temple where there was the laughing Buddha statue but did not have the horse carriage ride like the one we had in the latest tour.

The previous tour was from TNK travels along De Tham and cost us $25 per person while the other one was from  Sinh Tours (formerly known as Sinh Cafe) and cost only aroung $10-$11.