Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teaching My Sister to Drive

The car my family had during my adult life was a 1992 Toyota Corolla XE. That was the first car I drove as officially ours. I have take that car to Baguio City, to Iba, Zambales and to Tagaytay.

With my sister now in the process of selecting a car to buy, I initially recommended a Toyota because majority of the practical people I know suggest this as very economical in maintenance as toyota parts oem are very much available and inexpensive and performance has always been consistent.

But, with those recommendations, she has opted to go for a different brand and a smaller body type - a hatch back instead of a sedan. I am excited for her, none the less, and I hope that her company makes a decision soon on how the purchase will be made. I still need to give her a few lessons on driving so she can get her non-professional driver's license from LTO.