Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Songs for Meditation on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

I have been searching in my music library for some music appropriate for playing during this Holy Week, from Maundy Thursday to Good Friday, and came up with 3 songs that would be perfect for listening as you meditate this Holy Week. Some are not as orchestral and not played with strings or the clarinet but the lyrics are great. 

The first song is "Thank You for the Cross", written and composed by Mark Altrogge. This is from the album "Chosen Treasure" and below are its lyrics.

Thank You For The Cross 

Thank you for the cross the mighty cross
That God Himself should die for such as us
And everyday we’re changed into Your image more and more
Yes by the cross we’ve truly been transformed

And we’re so amazed
And we give You praise
That You would save us at such a cost
We’re so amazed
And we give You praise
For the power of the cross
For the power of the cross

The second song is "Redeemer, Savior, Friend" by Darrell Evans. I first heard this from the album "The Smithton Outpouring."

Redeemer, Savior, Friend

Verse 1:

I know You had me on Your mind
When You climbed up on that hill
For You saw me with eternal eyes
While I was yet in sin
Redeemer, Savior, Friend

Verse 2:
Every stripe upon Your battered back
And every thorn that pierced Your brow
Every nail drawn deep through guiltless hands
Said that Your love knows no end
Redeemer, Savior, Friend

Redeemer redeem my heart again
Savior come and shelter me from sin
You're familiar with my weakness
Devoted to the end
Redeemer, Savior, Friend

Verse 3:
So the grace You poured upon my life
Will return to You in praise
And I'll gladly lay down all my crowns
For the name by which I am saved

The last song is an old song which is entitled "Broken and Spilled Out". I heard this sung by Steve Green  from his album "People Need the Lord".

Broken and Spilled Out

Verse 1:
One day a plain village woman
Driven by love for her Lord
Recklessly poured out a valuable essence
Disregarding the scorn
And once it was broken and spilled out
A fragrance filled all the room
Like a pris'ner released from his shackles
Like a spirit set free from the tomb

Chorus 1:
Broken and spilled out
Just for love of you Jesus
My most precious treasure
Lavished on Thee
Broken and spilled out
And poured at Your feet
In sweet abandon
Let me be spilled out
And used up for Thee

Verse 2:
Lord You were God's precious treasure
His loved and His own perfect Son
Sent here to show me
The love of the Father
Just for love it was done
And though You were perfect and holy
You gave up Yourself willingly
You spared no expense for my pardon
You were used up and wasted for me

Chorus 2:
Broken and spilled out
Just for love of me Jesus
God's most precious treasure
Lavished on me
You were broken and spilled out
And poured at my feet
In sweet abandon Lord
You were spilled out and used up for Me

In sweet abandon, let me be spilled out
And used up for Thee

Other suggested songs are "Via Dolorosa" by Sandi Patti and "Only Jesus-Calvary's Love" by Steve Green.