Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back to Insanity Workout

After about two months of no exercise I finally got back to my Insanity workout routine. Well, it isn't a routine yet, because I just got back to day 1 two days ago. Leg and arm muscles are still sore, so like what I did when I first got into this workout three months ago, I will take it easy during the first week and let my muscles recover first.

I like this workout because I can do it at home and still really sweat it out. I know that for many people I know, biking has become really popular especially here in Antipolo, going up to Sumulong Highway. I see others set up bike rack for suvs and their cars but I don't feel any desire to try it as of now. I really prefer exercising at home. I may consider running eventually but that would depend if I would be available for it.

My goal is eventually be able to do this regularly, meaning, six days a week. I have seen its effect on my endurance and stamina when I did it for a month. I just had to stop because of a sprain. It's not completely healed but I can do the necessary exercises already so for me that's good enough.