Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moving by Faith As We Seek to Improve Facilities in our Ministry

I have been quite busy lately because I have been spending most of my time now in our church in Makati. I have been looking at things that we can improve in the church both the tangible and intangible things. With the help of our church lay leaders we identified things that we can improve in our service, our Sunday school, our youth service and our small groups.

This brain storming and evaluation has let us make simple improvements like planning for teaching curriculum in different ministries, having tarpaulins printed and placed inside the church auditorium so that attendees can see upcoming message topics (and this also added some decors in the church), having some facilities that are broken fixed and some other things.

A few of the next improvements or upgrades we’re looking at are setting up an office for me in the church where we will be needing a desktop computer, an office desk which is big enough to hold the computer screen and leave some space to do desk work, getting the office door’s lock fixed so as not to have the door chime always making noise, and a ventilation unit. This will also allow us to open our church as a youth center and that will mean we’ll be needing board games, tables for students to study, and more electric fans.

We know that all these improvements will require some funds for them to be realized but we are moving by faith and trust that even as church budget is becoming tighter and tighter, God will provide like He has done in the past.


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Little by little, SBC Makati and the JIVE youth has had our prayers answered.

We will keep on praying.