Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ipanema’s lastest Giselle Bundchen "Colorful Sea" Collection

The wife and I witnessed Ipanema’s lastest Giselle Bundchen Collection, tagged as the “Colorful Sea” at White Space Makati last March 17, 2010. Although I might not be a big fan of flip flops, the wife is. So you can say that I am somewhat exposed to these kinds of footwear because wifey probably has close to a dozen pairs!

What really got my attention is the talk that we watched during the event about environmental awareness, which Giselle Bundchen is known to campaign for. As one of the families that were struck by Ondoy, we knew how bad it can get. And a whole lot worse in the coming years, especially if we don’t do anything to slow down mother earth’s depletion.

Ipanema’s Colorful Sea Collection is said to focus on the preservation of Brazil’s turtle population as well as the welfare of our won local marine life. Thus, the ocean inspired theme collection.