Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Bought A Domain Through Google and Got Very Bad Service

Today (and yesterday) Google really got into my nerves. And I don't know where else to vent it out but here. For the past two months I have bought domains through Google to transform two of my blogspot blogs to my own domain ( and So two days ago I was again inspired and so excited to start a new blog, especially excited because I really worked hard on tweaking the template I downloaded from, and so I got so inspired that I decided to buy a domain name. And since the domain name I wanted was still available I immediately purchased it and knowing that buying through Google would save me the hassle of setting it up.

But I was wrong! I bought a domain through Google and got very bad service. In fairness to Google, what I am about to share is actually the first time. During the first two times I bought a domain from them, everything worked out well. But this third time, during the check out and confirmation of my payment, I got an error message. After refreshing the page two or three times and receiving error messages I decided to close the tab and checked my email in another tab. There was an email confirmation of my order. Then after a few minutes, I received a confirmation of the purchase.

What usually happens is when you buy a domain from Google, (through your blogger dashboard>settings>publishing>click custom domain>under 'buy a domain for your blog') you pay for your chosen domain, if it's available, and you get a confirmation of the payment after check out and then it returns to the same page when you click custom domain and your blogspot blog would start publishing using your new domain.

In my case, because of the errors I received, I gave up on refreshing the page because I was also afraid that each reload would be another charge for my domain name purchase.

Now, even though I own the domain, I can't use it on my new blog because when I type the domain name I bought it would prompt that the domain is being hosted in another blog. Oooooh, that really gets to my nerves. See, I could've bought a domain name for a little less than $7 from instead of getting it at $10 through Google but I would have had to set it up myself. But I didn't want that so I bought one from Google, coz I didn't want to pay for hosting and I wanted to have it hosted at blogger.

With that said, I am now planning to follow up my refund request. Yes, I finally decided that I should just stay with not using a custom domain for my new blog but I refuse to not get a refund.

The other problem with Google is that they don't give their subscribers a way to contact them. Either those who complain are redirected to other people filing their complains in Google groups or they are forced to search and read related issues in Google's help pages. I guess that is also another way of Google to stay untouchable. But I'm still going to give them a chance to resolve this. I don't know how but I need to - just because I don't want to pay for hosting. I guess that's the bargain, a bad experience.



Miss Elle said...

oh. that is very bad news indeed kapatid. now i know why your day wasnt that good. hope google could resolve this. i feel for you kapatid.