Friday, August 15, 2008

Get That Carpal Tunnel Relief!

One of the things my wife and I have as our form of bonding is blogging. Yes, we blog simultaneously from different workstations. She from her laptop and me from my desktop in our makeshift workstation inside our living room. We would sometimes throw each other chat messages from across our email accounts and send files to our network places. I would not have thought that this kind of office romance can also be possible even after marriage – and I am glad.

But lately, the wifey has been complaining of persistent pain around her right hand. We both knew it is the more than twelve hours of staying online everyday taking its toll on her poor wrist. Can you believe that she actually is able to drop an average of 850 entrecards a day! This is aside from the blogging that she primarily does. She only drops cards in between blogging. But mind you, these are not everything that she does. She juggles things around the house too and takes care of our little guy.

This is one of the reasons we are actually looking into buying IMAK's carpal tunnel relief. I would not want to have her endure the pain she feels because I know how much she loves writing and doing what she does when she is online. Apparently, this wonder discovery is not just a solution to carpal tunnel syndrome but also for arthritis, which my wife also experiences from time to time. I know there are a million bloggers online who could relate to my wife's current wrist health. Check out Smart Glove by IMAK.


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