Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Live Longga Eat Healthy Vegan Longganisa You Can Eat All Day

live longga vegan longganisa

Silog meals like tapsilog and longsilog are all-day breakfast favorites among Pinoys. Fried rice and egg paired with a choice of tapa, tocino, or longganisa are sources of protein and carbs to get you going at the start of your day. However, these meat products also contain fats and preservatives that health conscious individuals try to avoid. But now that there is a new healthy longganisa in town, even the health conscious can get their fill of longganisa without worrying about fat or calorie intake.

Born out of love for family

The idea to come up with a healthier version of longganisa was spurred by Mompreneur Jen Aspacio’s desire to influence her parents to make healthier food choices. Both parents are meat lovers and are already in their senior years. Thus, it is no surprise that Live Longga Vegan Longganisa is made to taste like the “real thing” and appeal to the meat lover’s taste buds. You will hardly notice that it’s not meat so you get to enjoy health benefits without sacrificing taste or flavor. If it’s not meat but tastes like meat, What’s in it?

Premium Ingredients

This healthy longganisa is made from shiitake mushrooms, soy and wheat protein, coconut vinegar, and raw sugar. It also has a mix of 10 different herbs and spices including garlic, thyme, basil, and turmeric which are known for their many health benefits. Those who are particular about the quality of ingredients will appreciate that Live Longga products are made with premium and Halal certified ingredients. It also does not contain egg, preservatives, nor MSG.

Why Shittake Mushrooms?

Compounds in shiitake may help fight cancer, boost immunity, and support heart health.” -

“Shiitake mushroom contains chemicals that might help lower cholesterol levels. It also contains very small amounts of a chemical that seems to keep tumors from getting bigger. This chemical might also stimulate the immune system.” - WebMD 

Versatile longganisa

Aside from the usual fried longganisa, you can also enjoy your Live Longga vegan longganisa as appetizer or snack. Slice them up in bite sizes before frying and serve them up as appetizers or finger food for special occasions. Wrap them up in lumpia wrappers, and fry it for your own version of “Lumpia a la Live Longga,” or mash it up and saute in olive oil with garlic and onions for that flavorful pasta dish. It goes to show that eating healthy can also be fun and yummy. Vegan or not, this is something that you and your family can enjoy all day. Live Longga’s growing number of patrons are discovering the flavorful difference of this vegan longganisa, including YummyPH.  

Another good thing about Live Longga healthy longganisa is that it is affordable - introductory priced at only Php200 per pack of 12 pcs, at 280 grams. Definitely something that the whole family can enjoy as much as they can without denting the budget. Now that staying healthy is of utmost importance, immune system-boosting, healthy food options like this is a welcome addition in the family’s diet. 

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