Tuesday, April 14, 2020

3 Ways To Make Learning Fun at Home

Are you stuck inside trying to enhance your child's vpk tampa experience? It's a different ball game out there. COVID 19 has simply changed the way parents view early learning. At four or 5, your little one probably wants to soak in some Disney Jr. and Lego time. That's all good, and, frankly, you probably need the break. However, stopping your early education experience isn't always the best. Kindergarten is still around the corner, despite the current state of the world. Here are three things to consider as you begin your at-home studying.

Don't Call It School Work

While schedules are great, sometimes kids take in information best when they don't see it as work;
therefore, simply make it fun time. Grab some magnetic alphabet letters and start seeing who can create little words. If that doesn't work, pick up the Play-Doh and start to form shapes and letters. Ask playful questions. Did Johnny create a lion? What sound does it start with? 

Get Creative With Activities

You may want to print a few worksheets out to help with letter writing, but don't limit yourself to printouts. Your home has plenty of items that can turn schooling into something truly exciting. Do you have shaving cream? Pour some into a plan and letter your little one write out letters in it. If you don't have that, use sugar or salt. The sensory play builds the memory and is an exciting time. Just be prepared for a bit of clean up or take it the porch.

Model What You Desire

Ditch the phone and other distractions when you are playing. Instead, show that you are part of the action. Family focus is pivotal in demonstrating that letters and numbers aren't tedious tasks; rather, they are simply tools used to entertain. This may set the ground work for future love of instruction.
Enjoy your time as an educator. Not every moment is about studying, but, the time that you give is worth it.