Friday, January 3, 2020

Do You Need a Film Degree to Become a Producer?

Do film and television producers like Heather Parry need a bachelor’s in film? While it is useful, it is definitely not necessary. Being a successful producer involves so many different skills that experience on the job counts for more than a particular degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

While a film degree is not specifically necessary, a college degree puts you out in front of the competition.
Other courses of study that apply to working as a producer are communications, journalism and acting. Training in public relations is very helpful as are some business and marketing courses.

Relatable Skills

The producer of a movie or television show is the one ultimately responsible for everything. Of course, no one can do everything, so the trick is to know how to delegate. Finding the right people to do the jobs you assign to them is crucial for the success of any project, but especially in the entertainment industry where millions, if not billions, of dollars are at stake. Other important skills for a producer to possess are the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with all kinds of people, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and the ability to bring a vision to life.


Experience is the most important part of becoming a producer. One of the best ways to get a start in the field is to arrange for an internship in film production through your college program. Some internships are paid, but even volunteer positions are a great way to get a foot in the door for someone who wants a career as a producer. Internships lead to connections and networks, which can get you more jobs down the road and connections are very important in the film industry.
So while a film degree is great, what you need most of all in order to become a producer are skills, experience and connections. Don’t let lack of a degree hold you back.