Friday, March 1, 2019

The Reason Why Comfortable Helmets Are Safer

In most countries, you are required to wear a motorcycle helmet when you are taking a ride on a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle increases your chance of survival in case there is an accident. Wearing a helmet can also greatly reduce the risk of fatal head injury that could lead to permanent injury to the brain or life threatening.

Accident statistics have shown that helmets do save lives. A large percent of motorists involved in fatal motorcycle accidents where those found not wearing helmets. Seasoned motorists know the importance of wearing a helmet whenever they are on their rides. It should be the responsibility of every motorist to wear a helmet whether it is mandatory or not in their country to protect their own lives. The helmets should meet the safety standards required by the Department of Transportation.

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, there is nothing to shield or protect his or her head from the impact of the fall or crash. Even a minor knock or blow on the head could cause concussion or a traumatic brain injury, resulting in permanent head injuries or even death. Wearing a helmet also helps to protect injuries to the eyes, teeth, and face. Helmets can protect you from flying particles such as dust particles, gravels, bugs, and other objects you could come in contact with while on your rides.

Wearing a helmet can keep the wind or sun out from your eyes to enable you better vision and focus on your ride. The helmet also helps to buffer the noise from the wind to prevent distraction from your concentration on the road and the surrounding. Every motorcyclist should buy and wear a good quality riding helmet to increase their own safety.

Whether you are looking for full face helmets or open face cruiser helmets, always look for a helmet with a thermoplastic or reinforced composite shell like polycarbonate. Another feature to look for is the impact absorbing liner which not only gives comfort to your top head but also absorbs impact in times of crashes to protect your head from severe injuries. The next feature to look for is the chin strap to keep the helmet properly and securely strapped. Also remember to check that the helmet meets the safety standards of the Department of Transportation.

If you are thinking of getting a new helmet, there is a wide selection of good quality helmets available in your local stores or online stores. Sometimes motorcycle accessories offer best deals on street motorcycle helmets from top brands featuring a stronger design and with the latest protective materials.

When choosing motorcycle helmets, make sure the helmet fit snugly around your head and that you feel comfortable wearing the helmet without feeling any uncomfortable tight spots. These uncomfortable tight spots could distract you from your concentration during your ride. Another feature is the adjustable ventilation constructed to allow air flow to avoid fog from blurring your vision. Helmet without ventilation can be very uncomfortable due to the heat and sweat especially during hot weather.