Friday, June 10, 2016

Health Feature: Cardiobes Food Supplement

Cardiobes, a product of Norway, is our newest food supplement discovery that was recently introduced in the local market. 

Triple Action Heart Support:

  • Supports Healthy Heart Function
  • All Natural Omega 3
  • "Heart-Smart" Antioxidants


Fish Oil (100% Natural Norwegian Salmon), Omega-3   = 691 mg 
Lycopene 6% = 42mg
CoEnzyme Q10 = 15mg

The Natural Omega 3 (Salmon Oil) is derived from fresh salmon in the pure coastal waters of Norway. The Omega 3 profile of this product translates to the profile naturally occurring in salmon; with EPA, DHA and DPA present in their natural triglyceride form for higher bioavailability. The process is cold separation using the latest enzymatic technology. Processed naturally, without chemicals to ensure the purest and cleanest Omega-3.

Today's generation of unhealthy diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise have become factors to a host of different illnesses including cardiovascular diseases. 

Cardiobes claims to help:

  • Support heart and circulatory health.
  • Boost immune system and prevent premature aging
  • Enhance brain, joint and prostate health,
  • Reduce stress and promote healthy well-being. 

Cardiobes Certifications:

  • National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES)
  • Certificate of Origin - Norway
  • Sanitary Certificate - Norway
  • Eurofins Certification
  • GMP Certified Production 
  • Halal Certified

Cardiobes is manufactured by aXimed AS, Vestre Torggaten 1, Bergen Norway. Locally, Cardiobes is exclusively distributed by Willion International Trading. 

Distributed by:
Contact Nos. +632.374999
Facebook: Cardiobes