Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The 8-Piece Natsu Maki and the Teriyaki Boy Summer Set

Natsu Maki and the Teriyaki Boy Summer Set 

Enjoy a Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl, Katsudon Rice Bowl, 8-piece Natsu Maki and two glasses of iced tea until June 9, 2016. Known as the Teriyaki Boy Summer Set, this promo is perfect for dates, whether it's with that special someone, a friend or a loved one.

Teriyaki Boy Summer Set

I got to try this with my wife at the Burgos Eats branch of Teriyaki Boy. Located in one of the busiest areas of BGC, this branch will allow you to cross-order from the other Max’s Group of Restaurants within the area.

Reasons to Eat at Teriyaki Boy, Burgos Eats


You can order from the following restaurants while dining at Teriyaki Boy, Burgos Eats:

1) Yellow Cab, 
2) Pancake House 
3) Krispy Kreme
4) Jamba Juice
5) Max's Restaurant (Burgos Circle)

This is the first time I've encountered such a set up. If you're dining with family or a big group, you won't be limited to just ordering one type of dish, from one restaurant. You can actually dine at any restaurant within Burgos Eats and still cross-order what you want from the restaurant next door! 

Free Parking

There is parking available for dining customers at Burgos Eats - and it's FREE!. The free parking is a plus! We don’t get that a lot nowadays in BGC, Taguig.

What You Get in a Teriyaki Boy Summer Set

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl

Katsudon Rice Bowl

Katsudon Rice Bowl

An 8-piece Natsu Maki 

8 -piece Natsu Maki

Two Glasses of Iced Tea

Here's what you get in Teriyaki Boy's Summer set in one photo.

Teriyaki Boy Summer Set price

You can also make additional orders. Below is the Summer Set with Gyoza and some Tempura.

Summer Set with Gyoza and Tempura

The Summer Set is priced at PHP 379. Visit and like Teriyaki Boy's Facebook page to stay updated about their latest promos.