Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quipper School Helps Raise NAT Scores

Quipper, an education technology company headquartered in London with offices in Manila, today announced that NAT scores at Valenzuela City Science High School have improved significantly as a result of using Quipper School in 2014, when compared to scores from the previous year.

Quipper School, an online education platform which connects teachers and students, was launched in January 2014 in the Philippines and is now being used by over 5,000 teachers across the country. Mr. Roderick Francisco, a teacher from Valenzuela Science City High School, used Quipper School in early 2014 to teach over 400 of his students in preparation for NAT 2014. As a result, Mr. Francisco has noted significant improvements, with an overall score improvements of 13%, and an outstanding result in English, where the scores rose by 25%.

Quipper NAT
Students from Valenzuela City Science High School use an online education platform, Quipper School to study and review topics from their subjects

Mr. Francisco is quoted as saying, 'We're extremely happy about the outcome. Quipper School offers a vast amount of K-12 aligned content, which students can access from wherever they want as long as they have internet connection. I assigned more than 500 questions to them, and most of my students have mastered them. I could also track those who hadn't done the assignment on Quipper School’s teacher portal, and gave timely reminders so that no one gets left behind.'

Mr. Francisco assigned Quipper School topics as part of 'clearance', meaning that students had to complete all their Quipper School assignments in order to get a report card.

Masayuki Watanabe, CEO of Quipper, stated, "We're proud that Quipper School has now become an integral part of teaching and learning for many classes. We'll keep improving our services so that Quipper School can empower students and teachers with digital technology".
Quipper School is also available in several other countries, including Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and the United Kingdom.