Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Decors for the Best Christmas Ever!

It wasn't too early, and wasn't too late either. Setting up the Christmas tree or creating a Christmas atmosphere here in the Philippines usually comes as early as September and December would be quite late. So last Saturday as my family and I took out the stocked Christmas tree, decors, scissors, the medical grade adhesive and other tools we needed to make it Christmasy at home, we were right on time.

Above are some of the Christmas decors we have kept from last year.

Setting up Christmas decors was also an opportunity to bond with family - my son helping me out (he enjoys playing with water) and my wife taking photos (all photos are from Jennie's Instagram - follow her @jenaspacio).
After washing the Christmas tree, we proceeded to set it up in our family room and below is the end result.

But, a Christmas tree isn't complete without the Christmas lights. It's effect? See below.

I am looking forward to this year's Christmas as the best ever for our family!