Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brigada Eskwela 2013 at Gen. Pio Del Pilar National High School

This year, Breaking Point Foundation Philippines was given another opportunity to conduct pre enrolment seminars for parents and their children enroling in Gen. Pio Del Pilar National High School. Earlier today, we conducted the seminar for the first batch of parents and students. The seminar is required by the school for students who had academic and behavioral problems in the past year. We tackle the topic of 'Avoiding Financial Tension' with the understanding that most of the students who had problems had family conflicts as its root and that finances is the number one source of conflicts among families.

The other topic is 'Building Strong Families' and it is geared towards reminding parents how they can improve expressing love to their spouse and children. Building homes is more than having financial needs met or having broken plastic handles replaced but to fill each other's hearts with love knowing that the family was designed by God for this purpose.

During this morning's seminar, we also shared about having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and 17 made professions of faith, 4 of which were parents. Tomorrow, we will be having our second batch of parents and students. We ask for prayers as we impart God's principles and share the gospel to them.