Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing and Developing in My Blogging Journey with SKY Broadband

Blogging since the latter part of 2007 has taken me to different experiences and I would describe my blogging journey as filled with growth and development. The progression I went through in blogging paralleled the growth of my family. It was a necessary adjustment to the growing needs of my household.
I have learned so much from my time spent online, visiting other blogs and developing my own blogs that I went from just having less than five blogs to maintaining more than ten and acquiring domains for different online endeavors. Aside from the online properties I’ve acquired I also increased in knowledge about how to set up, promote, drive traffic and monetize them in different ways.

With these advancements I also had to find the appropriate internet connection to help me sustain my online presence. Our family started from using dial-up internet connection to wireless broadband connection, to wired and finally settling with a SKY Broadband connection.  With the expanding needs to go online, particularly using more devices, we also had to think about the best service that suited our lifestyle.

I like that SKY Broadband offers the most number of packages and they provide a variety of options for their subscribers, depending on their internet needs.

They have four consumable plans where users can enjoy internet speeds from up to 5mbps or up to 10mbps, starting at PHP 999/month for a monthly usage of 15GB to PHP 2,299/month for 35GB monthly usage. 

To give you an idea what 15GB worth of usage is, it is equivalent to downloading about 6,140 songs, 43 movies, 100 hours of non-stop video streaming or 875 hours of VoIP talk time and unlimited access to popular social networking and blogging sites like FB, Twitter, Blogger and WordPress.

Based on our experience with their more reliable connection, I would say these are definitely competitive. Having tried broadband connection from other companies that offer unlimited usage, I still would definitely choose SKY Broadband because of the reliability of their connection and speed.

So for me and my family, Consumable 5Mbps Plan 15 GB is enough to give us that surfing satisfaction for only PHP 999 a month. That already allows us to do our online tasks at home comfortably and enjoy some other benefits now and then. Aside from that package perfectly fitting our budget, there are many other practical reasons why I chose that. The good news is that for an additional PHP 200 to our monthly bill we can enjoy an UNLIMITED plan at 1.5Mbps speed in case we run out of consumable load. This new plan is also available for households who are more heavy users of internet data, which has 35 GB capacity for only PHP 1,999 per month. 

We usually download a few of our favorite TV series episodes once a week. This selected package is more than enough for that need. I stream videos in YouTube, about 4 to 5 videos per week, as I study songs that we’ll be playing in church for the coming weekend and view viral videos posted by friends in FB once in a while and explore videos that I can use for sermon illustrations and introductions. This need is well taken cared of by the Consumable 5Mbps Plan 15 GB. And with unlimited access to social networking and blogging sites, we can do our online campaigns and finish our online tasks while enjoying a connection speed of up to 5MBps – a speed that only two other internet service providers offer at thrice the price of SKY Broadband. 

SKY Broadband also has packages with unlimited usage and internet users who desire higher speeds will absolutely like them, too. Their internet speeds begin at 24mbps to 200mbps and the cost starts from PHP 9,999 to PHP 34,999 per month, respectively.

Bottomline, I am glad we finally settled with SKY Broadband for our internet connection at home.  We have never been as less stressed with connection problems as we were with other broadband companies.