Sunday, July 15, 2012

Increasing My Rate in Jogging

Last night, I was able to run 3 Km around the Marikina Sports Park oval in around 20 minutes. That meant I ran 2.5 meters per second. I haven't joined any marathon or a 3k or 5k run before so I have nothing to compare my time with. I'm not sure if it's fast but my brother-in-law said that it was quite a strong rate.

My borther-in-law is now into biking and he has conquered the Masinag-Antipolo climb via Sumulong Highway. If I tried biking that same route i don't think I could make it like he did. I would probably need to mount my car with equipment from for car bike racks and have someone follow me up the route in case I stop or am forced to go back down.

In any case, we both need to continue developing our stamina so we can increase our rate in running and biking. I'm now going to try to at least run twice a week.