Friday, June 24, 2011

PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from Lounging to Speeding

I can compare my daily internet experience to what I used to do in the beach before and what I have done during my last travels. Before, I used to just walk on the beach, swim a little and just lounge at the beach. But during my last vacation in Panglao Isalnd in Bohol and a resort in Batangas, I started getting into water sports and became thrilled with speed.

When I wasn't using PLDT my DSL as internet connection at home, going online was much like just lounging at the beach, swimming around and having as much fun as snorkeling.

The internet experience then wasn't totally zero but it was not as amazing as when I shifted to PLDT myDSL.

When I dropped the subscription to my previous ISP and got the PLDT myDSL plan which included Watchpad, it was all speed since then. And that's a perfect parallel to my Panglao Island and Batangas experiences. It was like experiencing the speed and thrill of water sports.

Riding the jet ski for the second time, but first time to stay on it for a long amount of time, was super exciting and I was glad to let my family experience it with me. I was also as glad that we shifted to PLDT myDSL. Now, me and my family enjoy surfing the internet together. My six-year-old son now enjoys updating his status and commenting on posts of his friends in FB while me and the wife blog, download and watch streaming videos. We can share the internet connection and still enjoy speed.

On the jet ski with my son

A new experience for me was learning wakeboarding. It was like my transition from being a regular blogger to being a Nuffnanger which happened during the early years of my being a blogger.

Originally, it is done with one being pulled by a jet ski or a speed boat, but thanks to man-made mechanical devices, wakeboarding has been made more accessible and affordable.

(credits to Montsch and Iris for the pictures and video below)

Starting out with knee boarding

Preparing to hit the water

After succeeding with knee boarding, the next step was a wakeboard, but I had to start with the sitting position

This is like what PLDT is doing for their Plan 3,000 subscribers who are getting a free internet connection speed upgrade from 3mbps to 5mbps starting June. That's "internet to sawa" because subscribers can stream, download and even play online as much as they want. That's fast internet connection made more accessible and affordable.

Visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!