Friday, April 30, 2010

A Great Wall Peri for My Wife

Last Monday, we bought a brand new Great Wall Peri, another first in our family and I had to make sure to drive away from the Veteran's Hospital to keep from the possibility of being hit by flying used golf balls. Great Wall is a Chinese brand of cars that utilizes German technology (Bosch), whose pick up trucks have been top sellers in China for the past 11 years and whose SUVs, top sellers for the past 6 years.

Jennie and her new baby, "Lady Rouge"

The Great Wall Peri is a compact car and one of the sedans that Great Wall Motor released in an attempt to dominate the Chinese sedan line. Six models (Wingle, Hover, Florid, Cowry, Peri and the Cool Bear) were released late last year and our family saw the Peri as the best model that fit our taste and budget.

It was a blessing that my wife was able to get a job as a virtual assistant. It was a great opportunity given her after being struck by a calamity in September of 2009 . Oh, how God has returned the losses! She now works as a secretary of a CEO in the US for only four hours a day and we were able to save the income that is generated from her job. We were able to raise in the down payment and have the rest of the balance financed by a private individual. Hopefully we’d be able to pay off the balance in two years or even earlier with our ongoing online campaigns our blogs.

So far, I am very satisfied with the smooth ride in our Great Wall Peri which will be driven by my wife most of the time. The compact car is a great buy at an SRP of PHP 495,000 yet fully equipped with a 1.3-liter engine (great power-t-weight ratio for its size), EURO 4 compliant, dual air bags, ABS+EBD, side impact beams, power steering, power windows (front), power door lock, keyless entry, engine electronic anti-theft system, with front and rear fog lamps, 14” alloy magwheels and rear spoiler.

Since Monday, we have been driving in (breaking in) the car and we’re just glad that it is under warranty for three years or for 100,000 km of driving, whichever comes first. If you are looking for a compact car that is affordable but has better or comparable features than other popular brands then you should try the Great Wall Peri which is available in Great Wall North Edsa ( and Alabang.



Reena said...

wow! congrats!!! so meron showroom in alabang? will check that one out soon. tc!

survivormuch said...

nice one...congrats! reaping the fruit of your labor...naks!:)

Mhel said...

congats jen and jeff! ang ganda! :D mahihiya na kong makisabay sa inyo riding this pretty pretty car! what a way to celebrate mother's day! :D

GAlcidesS said...

I got a Peri too at the beginning of 2011. I've been monitoring its fuel consumption and it is 11.5km/L more or less.

I couldn`t find this kind of information, so I'm writing this to check if it works the same for you. ( if you don't mind)

That's my only doubt, I'm pretty satisfied with this model.

Kind regards.