Thursday, January 21, 2010

Using Wii Fit for Monitoring Weight and BMI

Last week, our whole family played the Wii Fit and we all had the chance to check our weight and body mass index (BMI). We all have gained weight but the most significant was our son Jed.

Our son has started reaching the overweight range but still near the borderline. We are not in any way considering using serious fat burner activities for Jed because even though he has reached that level he doesn’t look overweight or obese. He just looks big for his age, a bit chubby but not overweight.

We’re glad that the Wii Fit game can be used to entertain him and also to let him engage in physical activity.



lemuel said...

Hi bro, overweight na si Jed? Wow, probably si Leon overweight na rin. He still drinks a lot of milk and has a good appetite. Sometimes he eats rice during afternoon merienda. My friends and relatives who see Leon jokes that he is cute and fat but we don't take it seriously. We think hindi naman serious overweight pa. Did you see our latest facebook pictures? What do you think? Sarap kasi yakapin pag katabi namin matulog si Leon.