Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gym Time

Yesterday me and my wife were given a treat by my sister-in-law with guest passes at her fitness club. I enjoyed the facilities so much that I really sweat out and did enough exercises which I really miss doing. It has been more than a month now since I last spent time at Marikina sports center where I would jog for about 5-8 laps around the 400 meter oval and then do some drills for speed and strength training. The rest of the time I, did ball control drills and played soccer with my teammates at Marikina United FC. I greatly appreciated the treadmill which provided all information I needed as I jogged. I set a goal of about 4 km and it allowed me to adjust my running speed which was at an average of 10.2 km/hr and it also recorded how long I took to finish the run which was around 23-24 minutes. I usually just time myself and count the number of laps I do when I jog without knowing my running speed so I really appreciated the info given by the treadmill I used. I then lifted some weights, working on my chest and thighs then spent some steam bath time and then a cold shower. While in the changing room I bumped into a popular PBA player had my picture taken with him.

(Picture taken with PBA player Asi Taulava)

We spent about 3 1/2 hours at the gym and then had a hearty meal at one of our favorite restaurant (you should try their Kare-Kare - got an entry here about it in this blog). Well, i just hope I can get back to my exercise routine after the 2 busy weeks at camp (next week and the following week). I also might not be able to post entries so this is also an advisory to friends who visit regularly.



Our Life in a Day said...

thats cool. i wish i could do my regular gym sesssion again.. that taulava! cool!

Anonymous said...

that's great! exercise is very important. i jog/walk in the park but it's not enough. if only i could do it daily, been bz lately.