Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some of Our Hot Rocks Moments

getting ready to feast
our favorite server, Ching, laying out the condiments. Wait, check out my shot -
wifey must have unintentionally captured me salivating. :-)
porterhouse steak after the hearty meal, while waiting for the check
Undeniably our family's current favorite. Until we find a steak house that will top Hot Rock's Porterhouse steak, we'll stick with this food place. We've tried Outback, but it did not come close. Forget the ambiance, who eats the ambiance anyways. lol! :-)
Have I mentioned they give out 20% discount on the steaks during Sundays (Libis branch) and Mondays (Ortigas branch).



anne said...

Nice family photo shoot, your wife looks so lovely.